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From $25

Rebalance, rejuvenate, restore. This form of energy healing channels Divine Light and Love into your energy centers (chakras) and any other areas that require healing. Reiki helps relieve stress, induce calm, and bring the body and soul back into harmony. 

As a psychic energy reader, I can offer you insight into the health of your chakras and any issues that may be causing blocks as well as solutions moving forward.

If you've felt lethargic, restless, anxious, or out of alignment, then this service is for you!

Sessions help clients to reduce stress, feel more at peace within, settle discomforts and feel more energized.

Imani Heals is a certified Level II Reiki practitioner with 5 years of experience.

This service can be booked in 20-60 mins time slots.

Psychic Reiki Healing: Services
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