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Tarot Cards


From $25

A psychic reading uses oracle and/or tarot cards to invite in and communicate with the Spirit World. I work with your Spirit Guides and in your highest good to deliver the information and guidance you need.

Readings may focus on a specific question or may be open to receiving whatever the Spirits wish to relay to you.

Typical topics involve Love and relationships, career and life purpose, finances, travel, and significant life changes.

A 'blind reading' will offer the messages you need to hear most at the current time.

If you feel lost, at a crossroads, unsure of what to do next, or need some inspiration and guidance then this is for you!

Card readings bring clarity, help you course correct, make important decisions and offer solutions and motivation for the road ahead.

This service can be booked in 20-60 mins time slots.

Psychic Card Reading: Services
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