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3 Myths about Manifestation that Negatively Impact Spirit Work

Manifestation is one of the hottest buzzwords in the spiritual community. So much so, that it extends beyond and can even be people’s first interaction or foray into the metaphysical. ‘The Secret’ documentary is responsible for bringing the concept into the mainstream but the practice is ancient in origin.

In Buddhism, for example, Buddha reminds us that we are what we think, a teaching that is over 2,500 years old. But this was not a new ideology. Ptah, an Egyptian Creator-God who embodies the teaching dates back to almost 3000 BC. A concept based on universal laws, the law of attraction reminds us that like Ptah, we too create the world we live in.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there and it’s difficult to be able to discern what’s true and what isn’t, or what has integrity and what doesn’t. It pays to be curious, analytical, and even critical. And as with anything, trust your feelings. It may be true, but does it feel true for you? To help you on your way, I’ve compiled the top three manifestation myths that are getting in the way of developing an integral relationship with Spirit and your Spirit Guides.

  1. The Universe is a Cosmic Ordering Service

There are a plethora of texts that fall under this category and have birthed countless teachers spouting the same advice. The Universe is not a service, does not offer a wishlist, nor does it take orders. If anything, we are in service to the Universe as caretakers of the Earth and its creatures. Or at least if we would be if we were in better alignment with mother nature.

The Universe is indeed responding to our consistent thought patterns, everything is energy and we are inherently responsible for the energy we create and put out into the world. However, there is much more at play and even available to us if we look beyond the simplistic versions of the ‘law of attraction’.

And one major element that is not usually mentioned is the Spirit World and all its angels, guides, teachers, ancestors, and deities that are present and possibly already working with or for us unbeknownst to us. It’s not about ordering, it’s about co-creation. It’s not about a wish list, it’s about coming into alignment with your highest good and self. And for sure not about orders; to truly work with Spirit is to be in surrender.

When we treat Spirit or the Universe like Amazon Prime, we diminish the purity and sanctity of the relationship and we block ourselves from the true work at hand: to have a personal relationship with God (in whatever form you deem that to be). Working with Spirit Guides is an honor and seeking to develop and grow a relationship with them is a truly life-changing act. Far better and more meaningful than that BMW or Ferrari.

2.) Whatever you want, you can have it

The Spirit World wants to serve our highest good. But our highest good is intertwined with everyone else’s. Anything granted or given must be beneficial for both the individual and the collective. Therefore, it’s vital to request things that aren’t to the detriment of others. Additionally, I like to keep that phrase ‘if it serves my/their/our highest good’ so that I am always aligned with what Spirit has in plan for me, not just myself.

I believe in co-creation. Yes, we all have destinies, but it is up to us to do the work to align with the path most reflective of our highest self. And it’s stupidly easy to get off track. This is especially true as we’re growing up. Think of all the voices who told you what you wanted to do wasn’t possible or that you weren’t good enough. This was always a reflection of their reality, not yours; however, we are not always well equipped to ward off these discouraging comments as children and adolescents. Listening to others and trying to meet parents’ or peers’ expectations can pull us off the path.

Goal setting and wish listing are great ways to express your desires and develop plans and strategies for attaining that. But, not all of us have a solid or secure sense of self from which to aim. And this can affect the choices we make and the goals we set. This brings up two issues:

  1. Our wishes may be things we think we want or have been told we want, but they may not be in alignment with the truth of who we are.

  2. For a spiritual practice, it leaves little room for working with Spirit.

A core component of working with Spirit and your spirit guides is relinquishing a certain amount of control and understanding that you don’t always know best. By giving over ultimate control to the Divine we work in tandem with the Spirit World and receive results that are beneficial to us as well as the interconnected web of life.

3.) The Universe will Deliver

It’s not enough to create a vision board and sit back and expect everything to be delivered on your doorstep. There are stories out there that seem like that is what’s happening, but in reality, effort and energy are needed to produce results.

Do create a vision board, but keep it somewhere you can see it regularly. Frame it on your wall or create a digital one that you can save as a screensaver.

Manifestation requires us to level up vibrationally in order to attain that which is out of our reach. In reality, there are many choices that go into the practice to receive positive results. These include changing your belief systems, visualization, meditation, changing eating habits, self-care including physical wellbeing, stepping outside your comfort zone, etc.

The Universe is responding to our energies at any given moment. Like attracts like. We must be the embodiment of that which we wish to receive. We have to feel worthy of the things we are asking for. And we have to have faith in between the asking and the receiving.

Again, co-creation is an important principle here. Spirit will send us what we have asked for or the lessons needed to get what we have asked for. But ultimately, it is up to us to heed the guidance and implement the aligned actions.

What’s meant for us won’t pass us by. We may take detours that take years even, but we will get subsequent opportunities. In the interim, we face challenges that teach us what we need to learn to get to the point Spirit has assigned us.

Working with your Spirit Guides in the process of manifestation is a beautiful and magical relationship. We are not alone and we need not feel unsupported, unloved, or unimportant. A large piece of creating powerful manifestations is believing that we are worthy of receiving the life we so strongly dream of. When we ask the spirits for help, when we begin to see their works appear in our lives, when we receive their guidance and support, we begin to realize just how much they love us and just how much we are worthy of. The more we let them in the easier it is to see that the things of most value are not sports cars and handbags, but emotional states like peace, joy, happiness, presence, awareness, healing, and acceptance. The material items on the list are often external objects that we think will give us these emotional states. But, of course, they will not. Just as there is no price on peace, there is no price on working with the Spirit World and being a co-creator in your life. I hope these tips will expand your mindset on the topic of manifestation.

If you need help connecting to your Spirit Guides please view my services page.

Blessings on your journey,

Imani Heals


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